11 Examples Of Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are perfect for online shopping, ticket booking, or food ordering. They weigh less, and users still take advantage of push notifications when the order’s up. Progressive web apps vs. native iOS applications don’t get as much support from Apple. A progressive web app is basically a website with additional benefits for mobile devices. These PWA benefits include push notifications, offline access, an option to install a progressive app to the home screen of your device, and a few more. Every company these days has a website, sometimes with a native app to give users a choice. Native apps do a lot for user engagement—launch fast, work well, remain available offline.

You’re now using a PWA that’s capable of performing real-time notifications, offline notifications, and other app-like functions. Many eCommerce websites, however, are not optimized for mobile, and it’s less likely that users will download a native app just to make a purchase. eCommerce companies need a digital progressive web app examples store that has the best of both worlds. The first few stages of Forbes PWA were subjected to beta testing in order to check the effect it had on users. With the help of a progressive web app, web visitors became more engaged on the site, and they spent more time browsing through the articles, too.

Understanding Progressive Web Apps: Are They Worth The Hype?

The travel company built a Progressive Web App to bring smooth access to flight and hotel bookings to mobile users. Wego has successfully transformed travel searches into convenient one-click access and payments. Thanks to a credential management API, the PWA can access user data stored in the web browser. Uber‘s PWA is one of the best examples of full service integration. By focusing on high-priority features like push notifications, offline access and add to home screen button, the small team of developers proceeded with building a PWA. The biggest challenge, according to designer Laura Oades, was creating an intuitive UI, as mobile appearance differs from that on typical websites. Zymr Inc. is a full-stack cloud software development services company headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Which is why businesses should consider investing in a Progressive Web Apps . Supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android Browser and Samsung’s browser. Microsoft seems to indicate that progressive web apps will be available as store listings. We’ve also included two event listeners to check whether the session’s state has changed from online to offline or vice versa. Our application also checks whether the user is currently online, using navigator.onLine, and either retrieves the data or shows the offline warning accordingly.


As a result, the company saw a 104% additional new users and an 84% increase in its iOS conversion rate. With native apps, eCommerce stores are limited in choosing a payment provider. On iOS, for example, Apple holds a monopoly on the payment service and charges fees for in-app purchases. PWAs may be able to use features like GPS or Bluetooth, but progressive web app examples it depends. For one, users may need to allow you to access certain features to protect them from security risks. In other cases, mobile vendors limit web apps from accessing device capabilities because the developers aren’t paying to make the app available on their platform. Go ahead and log into your Twitter account via your smartphone’s browser.

progressive web app examples

Starbucks – Starbucks’s PWA mimics its current native app with essential features to provide fast and responsive performance to its customers. However, modern users seeking quick access are no longer a big fan of slow loading websites or mobile apps consuming too much space. It all comes down to user experience and excellent web experience for mobile users.

Progressive Web Apps Features That Make The Difference

Combining agile development practices and cutting-edge open source technologies, we deliver fit-for-purpose software that scales with our customers’ business needs. Founded by industry veterans, with decades Android App Development Companies of cumulative technology experience, we are proficient in accelerating cloud application development. With a PWA, you can gain up to 12x more users and help users save up to 300x storage space.

progressive web app examples

With mobile shopping on the rise, it’s crucial that eCommerce stores are mobile-first. Beyond that, the native-like features of a PWA can lead to higher customer engagement and greater conversions, without the drawbacks of pure native apps. AliExpress is a Chinese international marketplace that has a fast-growing mobile user base. The company’s mobile app was fast, but it was challenging to get users to install the app and expensive to engage with them. AliExpress built a new PWA that provided mobile features while making the app more accessible to potential users.

How Are Pwas Different From Mobile Apps?

And in the last line of main.js, we apply the Knockout bindings to our View Model Page.vm. The application shell is the minimum HTML, CSS and JavaScript required to power a user interface. A native mobile application includes the application shell as part of its distributable, whereas websites ordinarily request this over the network. Progressive web applications bridge this gap by placing the application shell’s resources and assets in the browser’s cache. In our Sky High application, we can see that our application shell consists of the top header bar, the fonts and any CSS required to render these elegantly. The first characteristic of a progressive web app is that it must work on all devices and must enhance on devices and browsers that allow it. Therefore, we’ve built our website using traditional HTML5 and with JavaScript that simulates the retrieval of data from a mock API.

progressive web app examples

We chose to use Knockout because it is relatively simple to understand and does not clutter the code; however you may replace this with any other framework, such as React or AngularJS. By definition, a progressive web app must work on any device and enhance progressively, taking advantage of any features available on the user’s device and browser. A study has shown that, on average, an app loses 20% of its users for every step between the user’s first contact with the app and the user starting to use the app.

What Is A Progressive Web App (pwa) Anyway?

The much-hyped future of the web can be effectively built using the React framework. ReactJS is a JavaScript library that can develop UI for PWAs and improve SEO as well. Startups are quickly catching onto this powerful mobile tech to revolutionize progressive web app examples mobile UX as PWAs have become the epitome of digital services delivered in a sophisticated way. Bottom Line – BMW experienced an increase in online audience clicking from BMW.com to a BMW sales site and growth in mobile users.

Instagram – Instagram PWA has a web manifest, push notifications, and offers a plethora of functionalities that are available in the native blockchain platforms list app. The Facebook-owned social media platform is working on a slew of features to provide a seamless experience to Instagrammers.

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